Thursday, June 14, 2007

Poem: Gecko

The only reason I see him
Is for silly bobbing up and down
Over the roughness of stone wall;
Otherwise, he would blend in among
The rocks, mortar and twigs of rose bush.

I try clumsily to imagine his beating heart,
His worldview through tiny grey eyes
That drives his simple existence,
Compelling him up and down,
Revealing his very being.

I do not know why I go
Back and forth between two
Rhythms, exposing my humanity
Against a porous terrain of arrogance
Unaware as hot stone, just as unyielding.

Yet my desires that pulse for recognition
Will not be requited in man’s mortar
Connecting pride and willpower,
Rather in my heart’s quiet hum
Must I linger in patience.

There thirst for sweetness
Of rose nectar blooming still
Beyond the wall on living stems;
I shall not want for the narrow view
That blinks and retreats from bright sun.

If I am destined to bobbing up and down
While making the meaning of my life,
I’ll chance to confess a simple view
Clinging to the Rock I’m on, and
Risk loosing my tail for cover.


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