Friday, July 27, 2007

Poem: Skinny Dipping

Slide me quietly in without a ripple
To your warm pool, let it envelop me
With living wetness, suspending my
Exposed body in transparent fluidity.

Slowly move my sodden feet through your
Smooth resistance, pushing aside years
Of sinking fears, not sure whether tidal
Oceans would triumph over my tears.

Reach and pull the liquid past present
And recall the warmth of summer sun
On wet soaked heads of naked boys,
And splashing fights that laughter won.

There was a certain freedom felt then,
An exquisite joy that cool water lends
To the unclothed in murky green ponds
Of innocence, growing close friends.

Pure water, float me in your arms
Of mercy, listen to our varied voices
Echo the banter of bare bottomed boys
Happily unaware of time and choices.

Sparkle water, dancing ever brightly
In gentle waves of coy temptation,
I feel your presence at my open legs
And dream in my boyhood elation.

Despite my mute drops of saline grief
Which fill Bethsaida’s pool at times,
I dive down deep and hold my breath
For cleansing stream that upward climbs,
And releases new life within my death
That grants me being, beyond belief.


1 comment:

gentlefriend said...

Powerfully beautiful! Thanks! Your words have caused me to float peacefully as I end this day.