Thursday, August 30, 2007

Q for image

"The world is a great mirror.

It reflects back to you

what you are.”

-- Thomas Dreier

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GeckoMan said...

I do not subscribe to this quote 100%. For example, there is much said and/or implied in the LDS church that reflects an attitude that the gay orientation is fundamentally flawed, "a problem" that needs fixing, or a condition that needs to be "overcome." What I do subscribe to is that my reaction to said statements reveals to myself and others where I may be or what about me that indeed needs refinement.

I believe that what I say and do has a way of coming back to me, to show me how I impact others. The world reflects a variety of images of me. Sometimes the reflection is not flattering and I need to readjust my focus or change the image in the viewfinder. But there are other times when I see myself in my daughters, or in my work, or in my calling at church, or in my poetry and I think there just might be hope for me, and it's all worth it.