Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Quotes for the day...

I'm finding it hard to come up with a fresh idea here in the Moho blogosphere. I mean, we have our pet topics. These are invigorated by our sharing individual experiences and insights. But, we don't usually post strategies on things like world hunger, global warming, or even whine about how lousy our current political system is (thank goodness!). Our tastes seem to be more personal and philosophical, which is really fine by me. As things come up in my life, I intend to talk about them, but I don't want to invent drama for myself, and I do want to have ongoing dialogue.

I love a good quote. Nice combinations of words or a singular idea is just what my bobbing mind likes to grab ahold of, and then another one, and another one. . . but I digress. I collect quotes that I tend to harmonize with, to remind me of the good and the true or the poignant.

So, I am going to start posting a quote every other day or so, since I have pages of them. Maybe I'll include an analogous photo, a short commentary or a question thrown out there, and see where it goes. Here's one I have posted in my cubicle at work, as a warning to all who enter:

"The truth is always exciting.
Speak it then.
Life is dull without it."
Pearl S. Buck


GeckoMan said...

I like how this quote is a little edgy, without being rude. It is a reminder that we too often speak in veiled terms, safe terms, and don't really say what we're thinking inside.

I struggle with this at work, and it makes angry: people who are nice and all smiles, but you learn through the back door they're talking about your effort in negative ways and they put up barriers to progress that support their own agendas.

"Just tell me your truth, I'm tired of bullshit" would be another way of saying it. I can deal with open debate; I can accept criticism and agreeing to disagree. In fact, working through differing perspectives often leads us to stronger, more robust solutions. Why don't people get this? Do you ever feel that way?

J G-W said...

This truth is best when taken with the corollary: Things are often not what they seem.

There are moments when the truth is sharply, obviously clear, and then I have to speak it. But I am also learning to step back a bit and listen calmly to what others have to say before I go off on my own Truth rampages. More often than not, I have found after biting my tongue for a while that I've learned some valuable things.

GeckoMan said...

Thank you John, for your clear heart.