Monday, October 1, 2007

Extremity vs. Eternity

Something changes in our hearts and minds when we're faced with extremity. Now that I'm unemployed, with a $2000/month mortgage and two kids going to BYU, there are different things I'm concerned with today than those of just a couple weeks ago. Funny how temporal changes in our lives can have such an effect on our emotional and spiritual consciousness.

Yesterday was my father's birthday. He would have been 89. He passed on about two years ago, just as we were moving to Arizona. Tomorrow, in the Mesa Temple, my son-in-law and I will perform his baptism, by proxy. The thought of doing my father's ordinances in the Lord's House is tremendously calming for me in the present uproar of change surrounding me. Later this week we'll be in Utah for Conference, and we'll gather as a family and complete the sealings for my parents, myself and my deceased brother.

What is really important in life? As I reflect on all the "stuff" I've kept myself busy with over the years, my pet distractions and frustrations, I have to conclude that my heart, despite it all, is resting in the right place. I have peace and faith. I don't care if I lose my home's equity, have to sell a car, find another job and reinvent myself; it doesn't really matter. They are set backs, disappointments, a pain in the ass. What matters to me is the Gospel of Christ, feeling His love and acceptance, knowing that I can and do make a difference in the eternal scheme of things, if for no one else than simply my family, who mean all the world to me.

Yesterday in Fast and Testimony meeting, as I was bearing my testimony of these very things I felt the singular glow of the Holy Ghost emanating from the exact center of my heart. . . I know the Gospel is True! I know where my true riches and blessings are. Nothing else matters.


J G-W said...

Did they give you any kind of severance? Any savings? Anything to give you squidge room as you're looking for a new job?

Faith doesn't necessarily pay the mortgage, but it helps put things in perspective in a way that let's us make the tough decisions without fear or regret.

I do have a testimony of the power of prayer too. I will be praying for you and your family.

GeckoMan said...

Not really. Just two weeks. I'll probably sell a car to pay the mortgage for a couple months and hopefully be in a new job by then. I'll probably loose the $25K I have in my house and will have to start over with building some home equity.

Blow it all! It's just not that important. We're praying for a miracle, but whatever happens, it's in the Lord's hands. I feel emotionally and spiritually secure, and like I said, "Nothing else matters."

playasinmar said...

I love the Mesa temple! I grew up near there. I was so happy to finally be old enough to go in there.

I was worried that after years of high expectations I would be let down by what I finally got to see.

As it turns out I was not disappointed. :)

Beck said...

GECKO: This has to be a very stressful time for you and stress throws everything out of order. Good to see your spiritual tuning and vision is still in focus.

PLAYA: Good to see you make a positive comment without sarcasm. Is that really you?

epadavito said...

that is so great that you're in the temple performing such amazing and vital ordinances. Its the best place to be and will ease any pain anybody ever has.

Forester said...

Thank you for this post. It really does bring things into perspective. I love the temple. The things that are done there are so incredible. I stress a lot about job, money and other material pursuits, often to forget how good I really have it.